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Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE is an injectable, hyaluronic acid  filler which has been specifically formulated for the lips to provide plumpness and volume for beautiful, full lips.

Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE is a unique product tailored to add volume to the delicate lip and mouth area.  As well as creating a pretty pout, Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE also works to smooth fine lines and enhance the mouth area as a whole.

Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE is exceptionally gentle.  As the lip area is delicate and sensitive, it is formulated to contain added local anaesthetic which makes the treatment as comfortable as possible.


Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE is an injectible hyaluronic acid filler which has been especially formulated for the lip area to provide plumpness and volume for beautiful full lips.  The product has been created especially to suit the needs of this delicate area, preserving softness and sensitivity.  It works in a number of ways to give natural, beautiful, long-lasting results:

  1. Enhances upper and lower lips by adding natural-looking volume
  2. Adds balance to unequal lips so that upper and lower lip are in proportion
  3. Provides a well-defined shape/outline improving definition
  4. Smoother gel improves lip texture and smoothness for soft, smooth and kissable lips
  5. Fills the fine lines and wrinkles caused by smoking/ageing/expression for a smoother, fresher overall appearance
  6. Specifically designed for lips, including a local anaesthetic for added comfort during treatment

    About Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that helps to moisturise and plump our skin. It is broken down very quickly by the body (around 48 hours), but as we age the replacement slows down so there is less hydration and volumising.  Hyaluronic acid is used in certain the Juvederm range of injectable fillers for aesthetic treatments.  The original product is Juvéderm® ULTRA, which is used for filling deep lines.  However, Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE is a newer addition to the range, offering a smoother gel especially for use in the lip area.

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